Pleasures of the Damned

Pleasures of the Damned is a serialized novel about Lydia, a free-spirit caught in the modern cage of dead-end jobs, loveless relationships and mountains of debt trying to squeeze out drops of life in a catatonic world.

Written and read by Kitten Holiday

New chapters sent monthly until completion, archives and audio recordings can be found at any time online at

My goal is to publish 2-3 chapters a month but no fewer than 1 a month. If I’m on a roll, the chapters will be published quickly, but I’m not going to send out garbage if it’s not ready.

Why Subscribe?

As Bret Easton Ellis explained on the Substack Podcast, corporate culture is dictating how we express ourselves as comedians, as writers, as filmmakers, as artists, and as citizens."

Creative freedom is imperative but as the power of the corporation grows, that freedom is more and more elusive.

"We must adhere to the corporations rule book about humor about freedoms of expression what's funny what's not.” Bret Easton Ellis

Creating a space for artists to take creative risks is imperative to a vibrant culture. Unfortunately, in this modern era with character assassination for wrongthink as powerful and damning as a literal assassination, writers like myself are finding it harder to reach audiences without suffering personal or financial consequences for taking creative risks. With traditional publishing turning into an insiders club filled with only recycled or pre-approved ideas, writers have moved to self-publishing. This is a great avenue but it can take months or years to write a book and that’s a long time to wait to connect with readers. Blogs are dead as social media has taken over but the subscription format is taking off. Not only does it give writers a way to engage on a regular basis, it also helps writers support themselves financially with the support of readers who enjoy their work.

Why Substack?

“As creatives, as artists it seems we can no longer push the envelope, go to the dark side, explore the taboo. Or you can I guess but that's depending if you want to feed your family.” Bret Easton Ellis

I like substack for the simplicity of the platform as well as the potential to create work exclusively for a supportive readership. Unlike Patreon, Substack also provides the ability to give gift subscriptions.